Workshop for Biomedical Translators and Interpreters – New York – April 2014

Workshop for Biomedical Translators and InterpretersInstituto Cervantes of New York and TREMÉDICA (International Association of Translators and Editors in Medicine and Allied Sciences) are organizing the first training workshop for biomedical translators and interpreters.


Medical translation is a highly specialized field requiring particular language and technical skills. It is also a fast- growing market, both for professional translators and for physicians interested in pursuing this as an occupation. Medical translation faces an additional challenge. It is targeted to different audiences with different needs—the medical community and patients. For both the translator must be precise and correct, not only in terminology but also linguistically, culturally, and stylistically. Tremédica, a US non-profit organization, offers training workshops for medical translators and interpreters in different countries around the world with the purpose of achieving one of its key objectives: to help medical linguists improve the quality of their translations into Spanish.

General Objectives of the Workshops

To provide attendees’ theoretical and practical skills in the main aspects of medical translation: dealing with false friends and polysemy in medical terminology; understanding typology and formation of biomedical terms; and coping with challenges in biochemical nomenclature.

Level and Audience

The courses presented at these workshops are for translators who want to specialize in biomedical translation, medical translators who want to improve their skills, and medical interpreters interested in expanding their medical terminology knowledge base.

All courses will be given in Spanish, but attendees are expected to be able to deal with both spoken Spanish and spoken English.


At the end of the workshop, participants who take all the courses will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment issued by Instituto Cervantes.

By attendance at all three workshops, the attendee will earn 10 Continuing Education points towards maintaining their ATA (American Translators Association) certification.


Session One`s Workshop: $96
Session One`s Workshop for members of Tremédica, allied associations of Vértice or ICNY: $76
Session Two Workshops: $42 each
Session Two Workshops for members of Tremédica, allied associations of Vértice or ICNY: $32 each

The registration fee is not refundable.
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