At Ocean Translations, we excel at providing multilingual desktop publishing services. We take care of the layout of your manuals and documents respecting the source style for effectively formatted text and images.

Once the files have been translated, in order to optimize their effectiveness it is vital to include a “document reconstruction” or Desktop publishing (DTP) step. You will have at your disposition our in-house team of design experts, working on the latest software products on both PC and Mac platforms, and delivering high quality desktop publishing services such as:

We scrutinize our desktop publishing service ensuring that there are no special character issues, no truncated or orphaned text and that all spacing is performed properly according to style guides or best practices. This results in a perfectly formatted manual or document in which you can place your trust.

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Your projects will not only be accurate in other languages but they will also look as good as the original documents!


ISO certification is a recognition of the quality of its processes and management systems. We have been ISO certified since 2009.


We have been serving companies in different vertical markets for more than 20 years.

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