Upcoming Talk on the Future of the Health Care Industry

Think Like a Futurist: The New Role of Health Care

A LifeScience Alley Featured Program

on October 12th, 2012 at Hamline University Minneapolis, USA.

”How will the health care industry change in the next 2-5-10 years?”

This is the central question futurist Cecily Sommers explores in her presentation, Think Like a Futurist: The New Role of Health Care, in which she treats the audience to a guided tour of the four forces that are shaping our world at large – and that of health care, specifically. Along the way you will learn:

• How long-term economic, technological, societal, and demographic trends influence consumer attitudes and behaviors; 
• What providers and manufacturers must do to stay resilient and relevant in this changing landscape; 
• Critical adaptations that must be made, by health care providers and med-tech manufacturers alike, for a landscape that is increasingly digital and decentralized. 

Offering new tools and models for a new world, this presentation is a perfect fit for discussions on strategy and innovation in all health care disciplines.


Cecily Sommers, Founder and President, Push Institute
Cecily Sommers is a well-known expert in strategic foresight and innovation, and author of ”Think Like a Futurist: Know What Changes, What Doesn’t, and What’s Next” 
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