Upcoming event in Rosario, Argentina

2011 Symposium – New Dimensions to Language “Language, Art, Culture and Ideology”
Saturday February 26, 2011
UCEL Universidad del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano, Rosario, Sta Fe, Argentina.

The New Dimensions Symposium, held at UCEL every year, is addressed to the wide community of English students, teachers and translators. Its purpose is to reflect on a topic of high interest in the field of English Studies. It aims at showing the interaction between Theory and Practice through concrete analysis, the possibility to access higher levels of understanding through theory application, the articulation of different knowledge areas in the study of a specific phenomenon and the new dimensions of study, comprehension, cultural production and advancement that open up at university level.

Presentations and Speakers:

  Introducing the Concept of Ideology – Prof. Cecilia Acquarone (Licenciada en Lengua y Lit. Inglesas, UCEL)

  La Verdad Elusiva: La Urdimbre Ideológica del “Caso Rozsa” – Prof. Graciela Tomassini (Dra. en Letras Modernas, Univ. Nac. de Córdoba)

  Worlds of Invented Languages: Conlangs in the Creation of Fictional Spaces – Prof. Silvia Rivero (M.A., M.Phil. in Linguistics, Graduate Center, City Univ.
of New York)

  The End of Ideology. Or Is It? A CDA Approach to the Analysis of Ideology in Discourse – Prof. Emilse Hidalgo (PhD University of Nottingham, UK)

Date:           Saturday February 26, 2011
Time:           9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
On-Site Registration:  8:45 a.m. (Pre-registration strongly encouraged)
Venue:          Auditorium at UCEL (Univ. del Centro Educ. Latinoamericano),
                    Av. Pellegrini 1332 (2000) Rosario
Organizer:     Licenciatura en Lengua y Literatura Inglesas, UCEL
Cost:            Free
                    Certificates will be issued

As vacancies are limited, we strongly recommend you to register to the 2011 New Dimensions Symposium by filling in the Pre-registration Form and sending it to: newdimensions@ucel.edu.ar Same e-mail address for information request.

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