Terminology Coordination Unit at the European Parliament

The Terminology Coordination Teams role in the European Parliament is to assist Translators with their day-to-day tasks. As translating documents into 23 languages can be a large, time-consuming and sometimes challenging task, the TermCoord try to lighten the workload. They do this by extracting difficult language (terminology) from texts and attempt to find definitions and equivalent terms in other languages.
They also coordinate IATE. IATE is a database containing approx. 70 million terms across 23 languages. When a translator finds some kind of new or unusual term (such as the name of a political group, or parts of an engine) the term is entered in IATE. They then ensure that this term is matched in all 23 languages with definitions provided. This helps future translators translate texts.
The TermCoord has recently published a booklet with all the information about TermCoord.

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