Subtitling translation by Ocean Translations

As announced last month, we are very pleased to offer subtitling translations to all our clients.

Whether subtitling translation is needed for the release of a DVD, a TV show, a documentary, a promotional ad or any online video, we are able to help you maximize the impact of your visual communications.


Partner with us for all your subtitles needs! 

Our team is comprised of experienced translators, editors and language experts combined with engineers who assure the subtitles are correct both from a linguistic and technical perspective. By choosing Ocean Translations for your subtitling needs, you will join a long list of satisfied clients who trust us not only for their Spanish and Portuguese translations, but also for their subtitling translations. We are able to support virtually any language. 


Did you know there was a code of practice of subtitling?  

 A few years ago two of the best-known actors in the subtitling sector, Jan Ivarsson, former head of development of Swedish Television, and Mary Carroll, Managing Director of Titelbild, Berlin teamed up to create the code of practice of subtitling. This code was later accredited by the ESIST, the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation and is now used by many of us within the industry.

Contact us now to discuss your language needs with one of our Project Managers.

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