Online Buyers Are More Responsive To Their Own Language

According to recent studies, nearly 3/4 of online buyers are more likely to buy from a website available in their native languages. 

So what are companies waiting for to get their websites and other communication pieces translated into other languages?

According to one of the Common Sense Advisory reports, ” Many companies do business internationally, but very few display the best practices for global website design.” Companies need to be careful with how many languages their website is translated into and what country flags to display. 

There are sensible variations depending on the audience type, the company headquarters country, and industry sector. More and more companies are really embracing this social media revolution, by being active on social networks, producing quality videos and interactive elements, and by interacting with customers on user forums. But they rarely consider using these modern forms of communications in other languages as well.

Is your website translated into more than one language?
Which one? Do you display the name of the language or a flag to represent it? If you display a flag, how did you choose it? Are you engaging with your online audience in more than one language? Do you translate your tweets, blog posts and Facebook posts?

Whether you do it or not, we would love to hear from you so please your comments below, on our facebook page or send them to me by email.

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