Ocean Translations at the 2011 ALC Conference

Last week, the Association of Language Companies (ALC) held their annual conference in Las Vegas and I had the pleasure of attending the event and meeting so many colleagues within the industry. 

The ALC had prepared an interesting conference program with a special emphasis on maximizing your business (with an great pre-conference sales workshop organised by the Common Sense Advisory and Selling Translations® led by Nataly Kelly and Doug Lawrence)

As I mentioned on twitter, there is one term that kept coming back in many sessions in Las Vegas and it is differentiation. 
We are all in the translation business and potentially all offering the same thing, translation by native speakers, great quality, ISO certification, stringent processes, etc. but none of these invaluable and great arguments are USP (unique selling propositions) if we are all offering the same. 
So, what makes us really unique?
What do we have to offer that others don’t? 
What are our strengths?
And most importantly how are we differentiating ourselves from the other LSPs?
Is it our niche sector? Our selection and on-going training program? Our rates? Our speed? etc.
These are some of the questions that any business that wants to market itself as an expert and a leader in any industry needs to answer.

Here are my highlights of the conference: 
  • Keynote Address by Nataly Kelly on “Maximizing LSP Value”
  • Sales and Marketing Session (with some very useful tips on online marketing (social media and online presence), offline marketing and setting up a sales team)
  • Gala speed networking session (a great way to get to meet many people in a short amount of time!)
  • “ALC Town Hall” session (our marketing group learnt a lot from each other’s experience, what works and what does not)
  • Sessions on Machine Translations and Technology. Jost Zetzsche’s session on Technology was particularly interesting and I totally agreed with him LSPs shouldn’t be using all the same tools and whenever possible we need to develop our own tools that are specific to our organization to better serve our customers’ needs.

All in all, it was a really good conference: an investment that always pays off!

 Sandy Dupleich, President of ALC with Sabine Panneau, Ocean Translations and Roberto Ganzerli, President of ELIA

   I look forward to seeing many of you again at other international translation conferences such as the upcoming IMTT Language & Technology Conference in Cordoba, Argentina on 20, 21 , 22 August 2011.

posted by Sabine Panneau, 26 May 2011

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