New Medical Terms In The Oxford Dictionaries Online

medical terms

Oxford Dictionaries Online is a free dictionary and language reference site. The site is updated quarterly with new words and senses, special features on language change, and revised encyclopedic entries.

Two new medical terms have made their entry into the US English Oxford Dictionary in their February 2013 update.


noun – Cat: Medicina
a biopharmaceutical drug designed to have active properties similar to one that has previously been licensed:

copycat drug makers use an innovator’s research data to make biosimilars

Origin: early 21st century: from bio- + similar (sense 2 of the noun)

metabolic syndrome

noun – Cat: Medicine

a cluster of biochemical and physiological abnormalities associated with the development of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes:

the new research may suggest treatments to combat metabolic syndrome, such as anti-inflammatory drugs

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