Medical Interpreting in Argentina

Medical Interpeting Rosario

The 23rd Latin American Congress of Microbiology took place in Rosario this week and we were very proud to lend our services to the Argentinean Association of Microbiology by providing medical interpreting for the 5 days of the conference.

Betty Galiano, the founder of Ocean Translations and a medical interpreting expert, handled the English / Spanish interpretation of some of the guest speakers from the United States, France, Netherland, UK, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

We thank the Argentinean Association of Microbiology for having chosen Ocean Translations for the twenty-third edition of their international congress.

Ocean Translations

Based in the city of Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina), Ocean Translations is a global provider of high-quality communication solutions (translations, interpreting, transcription and desktop publishing) to various industries including the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

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