Language and Cultural Training Services in Rosario

Are you working in a multicultural environment in Argentina?

Are you thinking of establishing an overseas presence (particularly in Argentina, Brazil, North America or Europe)

Would you like to improve your interaction with foreign nationals part of your global team?

Are you regularly hosting visitors from abroad and struggling to make yourself understood?

Have you just relocated in Rosario, Argentina, alone or with your family?

Are you struggling with cultural and HR issues with your foreign employees?

If YES, then our personalized programs can assist you to ensure the very best experience and results possible for your company and guarantee a greater outcome for your future business here or abroad.
Ocean Translations provides specialized and sought-after language and cross-cultural training online and in-company in Rosario, Argentina.

Here are some examples of our proposed training:

       Business English in-company and online classes (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels)
       Business Spanish in-company and online classes (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels)
       Cross-cultural training in Rosario for Argentinean companies planning to do business overseas (Brazil, North America and Europe)
      Cross-cultural training in Rosario on doing business in Argentina
We can also provide answers to any cross-cultural requests as part of the program, here are a few examples:
o   How does the Argentinean way of doing business differ from the French or British way?
o   How to prepare a sales pitch for an Argentine company and what is the best way to present it?
o   How to get excellent results from your Argentinean team using the right communication skills?
o   How to entertain your Latin American business partners?
o   What are the levels of decision making in Argentina compared to the US, the UK or in Holland?

Ocean Translations provides professional training sessions catered for today’s industry.  

Contact us to find out more about our catered courses and packages. Send us an email,

 or call us on +54 341 425 3660.
We are your Latin American language partner.

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