Cosnautas: Good News For Spanish To English Translators?

Here is an interesting article on a great resource for Spanish to English medical translators.

This article was published on Panacea, Vol. XV, n.º 39. Primer semestre, 2014, the Medical, Language and Translation magazine issued by TREMEDICA, the International Association of Translators and Editors in Medicine and Applied Sciences.

Cosnautas: Good news for Spanish to English translators?

Cosnautas is the new on-line one-stop shop for medical translators who work from English into Spanish. It consists of a database with online medical resources (Árbol de Cos),a collection of Spanish medical abbreviations (Siglas médicas en español) and a dictionary discussing English-Spanish challenges and their solutions (Libro rojo). Its value for Spanish translators is undeniable.

But how does Cosnautas size up for translators whose target language is English? As a Spanish to English medical translator, I started using the Cosnautas Oro version when it came out in July last year and have been seeing how it can be leveraged in the course of my work.


Click here to read the rest of this article by Emma Goldsmith, an English to Spanish medical translator,

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