A little bit of history

Ocean Translations was founded in 1997 by professor and interpreter Beatriz Galiano, pursuing to meet the needs of many of her interpretation clients for written translations. 

With solid knowledge on the medical arena and a rich history in this field, she gradually added associates, resources, clients, areas of expertise and great achievements to her enterprise. Always heading for growth and perfection, Mrs. Galiano, along with her partners, project managers and financial executives, has taken her company to the international industry sphere, with vast recognition from her worldwide clients.

The company has a long association with medical, health care and life sciences texts, both for the general public and the scientific community, providing direct services to high-end agencies such as the WHO, PAHO, The Cochrane Library, The James Lind Library, among others. 

However over the years, we diversified and broadened our areas of expertise which now include English,Spanish, Portuguese and Quechua translations, interpretations and transcriptions for the following sectors: education, e-learning, telecommunications, marketing, software products, the food and hospitality industries, automotive, users manuals, legal, travel, insurance and manufacturing.

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