Localization Processes for a World-class Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Company


The working relationship started in March 2014, when Ocean Translations was brought in to provide additional translation capacity for the established internal team. Today we localize more than 300,000 words per year for this customer. We have been mostly responsible for translating PPTs (USA office) and Common Technical Documents (CTDs) (Europe).

A Multinational Leader in the Health-Care & Pharmaceutical Industry

Our customer is a global company based in Europe that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies by both market capitalization and sales. Together with its subsidiaries, it provides global healthcare solutions in the following therapeutic areas:




Enfermedades infecciosas

Infectious Diseases

Immunology and Transplantation




Localization Supports the Development of New Medical Products

Ocean Translation is responsible for English-to-Spanish translations that require submission to Health Authorities in Latin American countries within Drug Registration Affairs (DRA). Ocean translates the Common Technical Document (CTD) regulatory dossier of different drugs, a type of document that consists of technical documentation included in an application for the registration of a pharmaceutical product to be used in humans.

Localization Highlights

Translation Volumes and Turnaround Times

Every month, we localize documents with many thousands of words, which makes localization a real challenge when deadlines are tight. We provide a dedicated, scalable team to meet these deadlines.

Range of Document Types

We localize different content types, which usually include: PPTs, protocols, pre-clinical research files (dossiers, pre-launch, preparation/safety), overviews and summaries quality (pharmaceutical documentation) and non-clinical reports.

Style Guide Adherence

Our client has its own style guide and requires translation partners to follow it strictly. The style guide helps guarantee translation consistency but means translators should be very familiar with them before they can start working on this project.

File Formats

Working with PDF files that require pre and post-translation work in order to keep the layout consistent across documents and languages.

Localization Solution

Our language solution comprises the following aspects:

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