The True Value of Translation

the true value of translation

After reading an article by Renato Beninatto on globalization and a comment by Reinhard Schaler, I started thinking about the true value of translation  and how we communicate our message to our clients.

I totally agree with Reinhard when he says that “money is not what matters most to people and that people living in the 21st century are much more interested in autonomy and purpose“.

It reminded me of a quote by Simon Sinek I heard recently:

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.  

This is definitely the way forward for any organization that wants to survive in the Globalization and Translation sector or any sector for that matter.

I like this way of thinking that places the “why we do what we do” before the actual product or service that we do.

Everyone and every business will have their very own explanation to their why and that’s what makes us unique.

As for many of us, it started with a passion for languages, communicating with others in a foreign language and learning about new cultures, only then it became a career prospect and eventually a profession or a business.

This brings back to my original thought of  what is the true value of translation.

Whether it is about sharing or giving access to information and knowledge, communication, bridging communities, learning from others or offering equal opportunities, translation is an essential element in all these and many organizations, communities and nations could not live without it.

Language, these days is not an impediment in addressing the world marketplace and translators have played a major role in abolishing communication barriers.

And let’s not forget that access to information in your own language is a human right.



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