Online Visual Dictionaries for Translators and Interpreters

While reading the excellent blog – Laboratorio del lenguaje by Fernando A. Navarro y José Ramón Zárate I learned about a couple of great resources for translators and Interpreters.

There are many occasions during which the use of visual dictionary would save time or increase accuracy of the translation and with today’s technology, online visual dictionaries bring a new point of view and are accessible anywhere anytime.Fernando A. Navarro in his post “diccionarios visuales” mentioned a couple of online visual dictionaries such as the Merriam-Webster visual dictionary online and InfoVisual.

The Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary explores 15 major themes and give access to more than 6,000 images wich allows you to see words like never before.
The entry below could be a good example of a resource for translator or interpreter specializing in Dentistry translation.
A quick glance at the index is all it takes to connect words with images.
InfoVisual is a trilingual visual dictionary developed by Bernard Dery and is divided into 6 themes and contains over 500 images. The great thing about this dictionary is the translation into Spanish and French of all the terms present on the image by just a click on the language buttons.
The image below of an automobile spark plug is a great resource for anyone working on automotive translations.

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