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To have any impact on today’s global market, a multilingual press campaign is the only solution. For some, the only problem is the cost

Kontax France – Bihorel – France – With the new Kontax service, sponsors that want to improve their own international visibility can fund the translation of press campaigns of NGOs or other partners that cannot afford that cost.

When publishing a Kontax press release, the partner simply adds the name, logo, website URL and description of their sponsor in the fields at the bottom of their press release.

As soon as the first translation is published on Kontax, the sponsor’s details are displayed in the source press release and its translation(s).

Kontax press releases can then be distributed – free of charge – to an unlimited number of targeted media contacts in up to 64 languages, and be read by all Kontax subscribers (Alerts, RSS, Newsletter etc.), thereby promoting both partners worldwide.

About Kontax
Backed by ISO 9001-certified translation companies with offices in a total of 165 countries, Kontax is a global press release service specializing in the distribution of multilingual news and information that’s simple to use and highly effective, anywhere in the world.

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