Interpreting Services at PEST World, USA

This week Betty Galiano is providing interpreting services (English < > Spanish) at the PEST World Conference in Boston, USA from October 17th – 20th. 

Yesterday, Betty interpeted the Opening General Session featuring Kyle Maynard.

Through his pursuit of normalcy, quadruple amputee Kyle Maynard has achieved the type of success most people dream about. As a star wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter, Maynard has been inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, elected by the U.S. Jaycees as one of the Top Ten Outstanding Young Americans, and has received the Highest Recognition Award of the Secretary of Health and Human Services for his efforts as a life role model, motivational speaker and humanitarian. On top of all that, he recently became the first man to ever hike on all fours to reach the roof of Africa — bearcrawling to the 19,340 ft. summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.”

A true example of someone who, in spite of his congenital disability, is able to do things others don’t even try to do.

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