Interpretation in Argentina

Another very busy time for the Ocean Translations interpretation team!
As well as helping companies around the world communicate effectively with their stakeholders on various media (online and offline), Ocean Translations is also helping organizations and individuals at conferences, meetings and other business settings communicate from English to Spanish and Portuguese and vice versa. 

While making business, talking to patients or customers, reporting to shareholders, informing the public or just doing your job, our aim is to facilitate all the processes where language is a potential barrier in your activities.

Our interpreters provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for events such as conferences, seminars, corporate meeting and many more.
Here are a couple of examples from our recent assignments:

– 13-14 March 2011 in Punta del Este in Uruguay. ELIXA REGIONAL INVESTIGATORS MEETINGS (Clinical Trial)

– 31 March 2011 in Rosario -Interpretation for Coaching and Leadership congress at the CityCenter.

27-29 April 2011 in Rosario. Our team interpreted at the Argentine Conference of the Rubber Technology 
– May 2011 in Rosario. Ocean Translations provided interpretation services for the Slullitel Institute for their on-going international training courses on Sports Medicine.
12-14 May 2011 in Rosario. Betty Galiano interpreted at the 19th Argentine and International Conference on Phlebology and Lymphology  “XIX Congreso Argentino e Internacional de Flebología y Linfología”.
As we can see, our team participated in a wide range of events providing Spanish Interpretation in Rosario and the rest of Argentina. In the past months, we have also provided interpretation in Uruguay and Japan.

Ocean Translations’ interpreters are unmatched in language skill and interpersonal communication ability, which ensures that you can be confident that our interpreters will not only provide a strengthening bond but will also provide a precise interpretation of what was conveyed.

Want to know more how we can help your business communicate effectively in Spanish and Portuguese, send us an email:
We are your world language partner.

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