In great company at the 7th Language & Technology Conference in Cordoba, Argentina

Sabrina Maceda Muraca, Production and QA Manager, and Sabine Panneau, Business Development Manager, attended the 7th Language & Technology Conference in Cordoba, Argentina organized by IMTT. We were one of the sponsors of this great conference which dealt mainly with the reality of the translation industry in Latin America and its relation to the world from a two-side perspective: freelancer (vendor) and company (client).
We assisted at some very interesting sessions and it generated constructive debates in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese thanks to the participation of freelance translators and LSPs from the Americas. 

We will give a more detailed feedback on the conference shortly but in the meantime, here is a short selection of some of the tweets published during the conference: 

The usual TEP project is not profitable any more, we need to customize models for every particular client 

Good – cheap – fast. Choose only two! Good & fast isn’t cheap, cheap & good isn’t fast and fast & cheap isn’t good!
We going towards more translation of dynamic real-time content said @kvashee and only Machine Translation can deliver that kind of amount.
“Argentina is a great place for translations. Good universities, good expertise, good people.” @renatobeninatto

“Garbage in-Garbage out” Don’t expect good results if the input is not good as well! Another trademarked phrase for @kvashee 
The quality of MT is far better than some years ago, so do we want to resist that chance or wil we embrace it? @CeciliaPiaggio

Google translates certain texts (e.g., mgmt/HR manuals, like Mission Statements & Corporate Ethics) better than humans @gdotb 

Collaboration software enables multiples translators, terminologists and editors to work together in a common software framework.

The way you raise money is not on the word measure, but on the value added with your services @renatobeninatto 

Advise for Freelancers – Think like a business, do research, gather info before contacting clients @winandwinnow 

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