Global Press Release Distribution Service, Kontax, Launches in 160 Countries and 60+ Languages

Ocean Translations is pleased to announce the launch of Kontax (, a global press release service with no equivalent anywhere in the world.

We are delighted to be partnering with Kontax as their exclusive Kontax Translation Partner for Argentina, Uruguay and Honduras.
In today’s global economy, issuing press releases for international audiences is a decisive but difficult task for corporate communicators: in addition to cost, professional press release distribution services are often monolingual or available in a very limited range of languages, with no guarantee of translation quality.

Kontax ( is a new press release service specializing in the distribution of multilingual news and information that is simple to use and highly effective, anywhere in the world.

Available in more than 160 countriesand over 60 languages, Kontax allows companies and organizations in every country to publish – free of charge – an unlimited number of multimedia press releases in the language of their choice, and to obtain professional translations of their press releases in any other language.

Users have direct contact with Kontax partner translation companies – most of which have ISO 9001 or equivalent certification, and all of which apply EN 15038 quality assurance procedures – appointed in each country to ensure translated press releases are optimized for cost and quality.

Translations of press releases – including cross-checking, proof-reading, publication, distribution, updating and real-time feedback on media impact – are handled from end to end by the Kontax manager for each customer, enabling them to effortlessly address any international target, any time, in any language.

According to Betty Galiano, CEO of Ocean Translations, the Kontax Translation Manager for Argentina, Uruguay and Honduras , “Kontax represents a major change in the business model for press releases: instead of paying high prices for a limited service of local scope, customers can now invest in a global service at a competitive price with genuine added value”.

Kontax also includes a complete range of free services for journalists and news agencies:
– Online management of multiple customer accounts,
– Automatic multilingual e-mail alerts by keyword, city, country, category and language
Real-time feedback on reader statistics by country and language,
Multilingual archiving and search system…

Distributed to journalists and social media all around the world, optimized for search engines in every country, Kontax means users can promote their products, sell their services, pick their partners, and monitor their markets worldwide.

For more information about Kontax, please visit

Kontax Media contacts in Argentina, Uruguay and Honduras:

Sabine Panneau
+54 341 568 1230

Ocean Translations has been appointed the exclusive Kontax Translation Manager for Argentina, Uruguay and Honduras

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