Gala 2011

Today opens the Gala conference in Lisbon. GALA 2011: “The Language of Business, the business of language”

“The conference will bring together global content delivery professionals for informal and formal learning opportunities on delivering content to the global consumer,” said Robinson Kelly, Vice Chair of the GALA Board.

There are some very interesting sessions this year and I would like to highlight a couple of them:
On Monday 28 March
– Vendor Collaboration: Competitive Threat or Competitive Advantage? by Don Shin (1-stop Translation), Smith Yewell (Welocalize), Wouter Leeuwis (Waters Corp.), Loy Searle (Google Inc.)

On Tuesday 29 March
– The Noble Art of Post-Editing Machine Translation
by Bob Donaldson (Carson Strategy Group), Harald Elsen (DELTA International), Xavier Maza (iDISC)
¡Oportunidad! Growing resources and experts in Latin America by Fabiano Cid (Ccaps) & Maria Cecilia Maldonado (IMTT).

Wishing you a great GALA conference!

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