The ATA Annual Conference – a Must-Attend Event for Translators

The American Translators Association will be holding its annual conference in Miami the first week of November. With more than 1500 participants, The ATA conference is a must-attend conference for translators, interpreters and translation business owners.

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ATA Conference Miami

The ATA just published a quick note giving their reasons why you should attend the 56th Annual Conference this November. Here are the 5 reasons to attend plus a bonus special 6th reason for us, here in Argentina!

5 Reasons to Attend (+1)

1. Upgrade your career

More than 175 sessions cover the industry in every way possible. You can easily create a custom curriculum to help you achieve career goals. Pick the issues and topics that matter most to you and go home with the education you need.

2. Make the connections that can make the difference

Nothing beats face-to-face networking. Shake hands, ask questions, and get to know people—the professional relationships you make will last long after the conference ends.

3. Learn how someone else does it

Every encounter presents another chance to find a better, more efficient way to do business. The exchange of ideas is an invaluable part of the conference.

4. Expand your “toolkit”

Technology has never been more important. Increase your proficiency with the pre-conference tool training, master terminology management, and find the latest tech solutions in the Exhibit Hall.

5. Rediscover your passion

Getting out of the office and sharing good times with colleagues–it’s all part of remembering what makes your career great!


And for us in Argentina, here is another good reason to attend!

6. The conference will be held in Miami

For us in Argentina, Miami is a great location as it means a shorter journey to get there without too many connecting flights and also cheaper flights wherever we are flying from.

So head to the ATA website to check the full program and register for the conference!


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