Technology and localization: Where to start?

Due to the nature of the international market, most technology companies choose to develop their product first in English. If they become successful, then analyze the possibility of expanding to foreign markets. Going overseas poses questions such as how big the target market is or whether people and firms in those countries will buy the product. At this moment, you also start to evaluate to which language you want to localize.

At Ocean Translation, we can be your Spanish partner. Localizing into Spanish would ensure your product accessibility for 480 million Spanish speakers spread across 22 different countries.

Areas of Expertise

Our translation services can help you penetrate Latin America’s market and engage with your target audiences as if the content had originally been developed in their native language. We blend a group of distinguished translators, with expertise and commitment to your projects. We deliver translations services in the following areas:


Software has become one of the most traded commodities all over the world. We have the tech giants the likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook but also thousands of mid-size companies, equally capable of making quality software and selling it on several languages across different countries. As start-ups continue to disrupt markets, staying competitive in today’s business world is a challenge for every technology company.   

Localization plays an important role in selling software and it has become one more step in the continuous delivery cycle within software development. Planning localization carefully is key to releasing on time and delivering software that boosts engagement.


Elearning platforms have made education more accessible than ever before. On the likes of Udemy, Teachable, WizIQ we can find courses on an infinite range of topics: development, design, digital marketing, photography, business and so on. Some  companies like Duolingo specialize in a very specific market niche. Other companies choose to develop their own e-learning sites to educate clients or improve the knowledge of their employees.

At Ocean Translations, we provide localization solutions for those companies that want to launch multilingual versions of their e-learning content. We have experience translating eLearning software, training materials, scripts, interviews and surveys, educational website content and books, tests and examination.

Enterprise and consumer solutions

Digital transformation has led to a proliferation of tools and devices that stretch beyond the borders of the traditional organization. Companies are increasingly expanding their communication touchpoints with consumers and providers — from websites to CRMs and ERPs to e-shops, social networks, smartphones, tablets and so on. Everybody wants to surf the waves of the digital world but to do so you need to be able to communicate with customers and potential business allies in their language, as clearly as possible.

At Ocean, we fuse a team of linguist experts capable of handling technical content, but also marketing translations. Whether a manual or mobile native marketing campaign, we can help get your messages across Latin American audiences.

Content Management Systems

One of the first steps when expanding towards new markets is localizing your online presence. Today, most companies store their content in CMSes like WordPress, HubSpot, Kentico or Adobe Experience Manager. Not every CMS is perfectly oiled for efficient translation workflows and the content you need to translate is not stored in one file but many. Yet, there is always a path — ultimately most of these platforms allow exporting your files as XLIFF.

At Ocean translation, we can make sure your brand’s messages are well-versed for Latin American audiences. We also guarantee to keep your terminology consistent across your website pages or subdomains — if you happen to own many sites.

Why choose us?

based in Latin america

Ocean is based in Argentina and we are familiar with how technology and software is commercialized and used in this corner of the world.


ISO certification is a recognition of the quality of its processes and management systems. We have been ISO certified since 2009.

Field experience

We have more than 20 years working with technology companies.

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