Ocean Translations provides consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for events such as conferences, seminars and corporate meetings.

Aside from being Argentina’s premier Translation and Localization service provider, Ocean Translations is also the leading Argentinean Interpretation provider for English, Spanish and Portuguese interpreting services.

Ocean Translations’ interpreters are unmatched in language skills and interpersonal communication abilities, which means that you can be confident that our interpreters will not only provide a strengthening bond but will also provide a precise interpretation of what was conveyed.

For your convenience, we provide two different interpreting possibilities.

Our traditional interpreting services; where an individual services your interpreting requirements in person and our teleinterpreting services, whereby you may use an interpreter via a conference call.

Our full-service interpreting services consist of the following:

  • On site or over-the-phone interpreting with digital ground-base linesor VOIP. Soundproofed booths and equipped for three-party conference calls (English speaker-interpreter-Spanish speaker).
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
  • Bilingual business escorting

Contact us now to discuss your language needs with one of our Project Managers.