Information on Lexicograffiti

The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, in an endeavour to raise awareness of the importance of terminology in the ever evolving translation industry has recently organised the 4th in a series of seminars about terminology, called Lexicograffiti.
More information can found about this seminar that dealt with lexicography and e-lexicography as well as the relevant material (presentations and conclusions) on their website.

The IATE widget allows viewers to get direct access to the public version of the EU terminology database IATE: You can upload a widget to your own blog by clicking here:;jsessionid=9ea7991930d74b7a14f3566f4b2e92a791ba69ab0213.e38KbN4Mc34Nay0TahqLahiLb3v0?method=load

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